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Club facility - Club- and Adult Facilities

Ground floor:

The foyer

The foyer:
The Fun and Joy Team will receive you in the separate hotel lobby! A staircase leads to the sublevel with spacious sanitary installations for men and women.

The bar area

The bar area:
We serve high quality alcoholic drinks and juices in our stylish, elegant bar area with separate reception desk. Here first contacts are established in pleasant talks. Sofas invite the guests to chill out and in the Zollstube next door you’ll find further seats and our coffee bar with coffee specialties.

The restaurant

The restaurant:
In the non-smoking restaurant you can enjoy all of our culinary pleasures. Each week our chef and his team create a new culinary buffet with international dishes -.a voyage around the world in gastronomic pleasures!
Here you’ll also find a bar for non-alcoholic drinks and coffee as well as several teas.

The smokers‘ lounge:
Enough room and comfort for the smokers!

Ute`s Shop

Ute`s Shop:
Erotic outfits for men and women, also in big sizes, toys and various goodies a couple might need can be bought here for moderate prices!

The erotic discotheque

The erotic musik lounge:
Relaxing and talking in erotic outfits and more! Our DJs present a varied musical program while you can enjoy high quality drinks!

The changing room

The changing room:
120 lockers with locks for our guests, seating accommodation, mirror, if needed 3 additional changing areas with 65 more lockers will be opened.

Sanitary room:
Here you find a WC and a bidet!

Basement 1st level:

The erotic cinema

The erotic cinema:
Comfortable red velvet seats invite to stay a while. Be inspired by exciting movies and live your desires in the play area. Do everything or nothing!

Towel issue – towel return station

Towel issue – towel return station:
Sufficiently large and cuddly towels for our guests! Please return used towels here!

Chimney room

Chimney room: (lockable)
Huge cuddle zones offer the possibilities to make erotic contacts or relax together in front of the crackling fire! Have fun!

Oriental magic

Oriental magic:
This area with its sensual design is divided into two rooms and a lockable couple room. Enter the erotic dreamscape of the orient! Here you also find a huge orgy play area!

Sanitary area

Sanitary area:
Here you find showers and a separate WC

Darkroom with glory hole

Darkroom with glory hole:
The dark area with two rooms, lockable couple room and French hallway leaves room for the imagination to be explored touching or watching!

Outer space

Outer space:
Enter unknown heights and travel across space. And the love swing or the love plank will add new facets to your swinging experiences. Be surprised! Here you also find a separate erotic room.

Indian reserve

Indian reserve:
To rustic rooms take you to the world of the Indians! Enjoy your time in the past. The Indian torture wall and a separate lockable chamber offer new possibilities! Take out the lasso – let’s play cowboys and Indians!

Roman area with glory hole

Roman area with glory hole:
Two noble rooms offer already a hint on what the Romans have known for ages. How to turn your desire into something special! A small chamber invites to play. Only here you are allowed to use massage oils on the designated play areas.

The gemstone mine: under construction!!
Whirlpool for 10 persons, shower area and hot stone designed to look like a gemstone mine.

Roman terrace

Roman terrace:
See and be seen in relaxed atmosphere are the keys words in this area!

Basement 2nd level:

Small and dark, here your sense of touch will guide you!

The massage area

The massage area:
After taking an appointment at the reception, here you can enjoy relaxing wellness or tingly erotic massages!

Wellness area

Wellness area:
Pure wellness: pool with massage seats, sauna, steam bath, waterfall, a soft drink bar and several showers, relax chairs and air bed! Also access to the Roman garden.

Basement 3rd level:

Orgy area with pillory and bondage wall

Orgy area with pillory and bondage wall:
Let loose your fantasies and experience the uncertain while sharing sensual moments!

Intimate play

Intimate play:
2 small, lockable chambers for intimate plays with your partner. No one sees you in the dark!

Sanitary area:
One WC each for men and women

Fetish, Bondage und SM

The SM-area:
Small but classy with stylish accents and noble equipment for tight situations, submissive or dominant. Here you have all the time, in three rooms, to experience something special! Erotic experiences with gynaecological examination chair, cage and St. Andrew’s cross. Bondage fans will be in heaven here!

Here you’ll find an additional shower area!

Outdoor area:

Plunge pool and cold shower to cool down „afterwards“.

Roman Temple

The „Roman Temple“, several groups of seats, loungers and air beds to relax, a seamless suntan is on the program and fresh air fans will be happy here.

7 m love boat

Erotic fun on our 7 m love boat or on the love rack.

When the weather allows we offer grilled specialities, cocktails and more in our BBQ area, a heatable grill-restaurant.

outdoor stage

During summer shows and acts of some events take place on the outdoor stage. Here our DJs have a perfect base for their music and light shows!

Wellness area:

Before using the pool, sauna and steam bath please shower and wash off the soap thoroughly!

Big pool with seating accommodation and integrated massage jets – swim a little or let yourself be spoiled in the water.

Finnish sauna
Regular visits to the sauna are a perfect anti-stress program and support the evacuation of poisons from the body, bloodstream and bloodflow are stimulated and the body’s defensive systems are mobilized.

Temperatures: 70-90°C – Room climate: dry (water poured over heated rocks at the end of the heating phase) – recommended duration of stay: 15-20 minutes (heating), 20-30 minutes (resting), and 2-3 sauna cycles

Roman grotto: THERMARIUM „The wellness experience“


„Cathedrals of pleasure“ were the hot water baths in Rome, an oasis for meeting people and talk. The secret was the healing power of the radiant heat and the beautiful architecture. With the fall of the Roman empire this knowledge was lost.


Reborn in the 20th century, developed by doctors and equipped with modern technology, we present our THERMARIUM which you can use as follows:

Caldarium (Inhalation and steam bath):
The combination of heat and humidity stimulates the blood flow and cleans skin and airways thoroughly and carefully. Tense muscles loosen up, stress is reduced, and pain in limbs and joints is reduced. The skin will become soft and smooth. Here you find a soft and yet efficient way to relax and regenerate.

Temperature: c. 45°C

After taking an appointment by phone o rat the hotel reception you can reserve the following massage services with Ben, our certified masseur:

  • Wellness massage
  • Whole body massage with aromatic oils
  • Sports massages
  • Back massage
  • Partner-Erotic massage
  • therapetical foot and leg massage

Please do not leave any used towels lying around but bring them back to the towel return! Thank you!

Your team of Fun and Joy

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