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Club facility - Club rules / outfit

Club rules

Unfortunately even we do need some rules to assure a pleasant and classy stay for our guests. So here you’ll find our rules and wishes, actually in your own interest:

Only adults of 18 years or above are allowed in! If in doubt we will ask for an ID!

If a couple wants to bring along their intimate friend (real trio, one man, two women) to visit the cliub, this is possible after reservation by telephone. The lady has to pay 50% of the couple price!

Prostitutes, drunken persons, filthy or single individuals are not allowed in! We reserve the right to refuse entry – even without explanation!

Well kept appearance is a must and an adequate outfit preferred! We ask you to keep an eye on personal hygiene in all your activities, especially in the club this should be a natural reflex.

Possession and consumption of drugs is forbidden, we report infractions tot he authorities and give order to stay away from the premises!

We ask for a reasonable behaviour concerning alcoholic beverages – alcohol does not support an erotic atmosphere! When drunk the utilization of sauna, steam bath and pool is forbidden! We reserve the right to refuse serving of alcoholic beverages in case of excessive consumption!

Please leave mobile phones, photo cameras and cameras in your room or locker! Filming and taking pictures is strictly forbidden on the premises!

We ask to come to the restaurant, bar, smokers lounge and erotic disco in light clothing or erotic outfit. In order to comply with the hygiene regulations we ask you to sit on the towels. The nudist area covers the erotic areas, outdoor area and swimming pool with wellness area.

For reasons of security smoking and eating/drinking in the outdoor area, the erotic areas and the pool-wellness is strictly forbidden, only in the designated areas.

Please avoid loud conversation in the ertic areas – this is a lack of respect and might disturb couples living their desires!

Entering the play areas with shoes is forbidden – in case of damages eventual costs for repairs will be charged.

For reasons of cleanliness and hygiene we ask you to put under the towels in the play areas. We provide towels in sufficient numbers. Do not leave the used towels in the area but put them in the designated container. In addition, you find a sufficient number of showers with shower gel, shampoo and hygiene articles!

We ask our clients to treat the objects put at their disposal in the various rooms with care and leave them in perfect state for the next visitor! Damages have to be paid for!

Please act responsible, use condoms. This is safer for you and other couples. You’ll find condoms in sufficient numbers in the erotic rooms. Please dispose of used condoms and paper towels in the designated containers, do not leave them in the play area!

Please avoid intimate contact in the pool so that the water quality demanded by the authorities can be maintained! Cuddling and tender touches are allowed!

You can do everything, or nothing! No means no and will always mean no!

Please leave the erotic areas in such a way, that they can be used by other persons. Should there be a problem, inform us we we take care of it.

If you are satisfied, spread the word, if you are unhappy, tell us – we are thankful for ideas and improvements!

Club outfit

Generally, round 5 to 6 pm at the Fun and Joy the couples change into an erotic outfit, e.g.:


  • Erotic, sexy dessous,
  • Transparent blouse, caftan
  • Miniskirts, club dresses, fetish clothing, cat suit, corsage
  • Flip-flops, sandals, high heels, boots, etc.


  • Elegant Pants (Shorts) with fitting shirt
  • Men’s skirts, fetish clothing,
  • Flip-flops, sandals, espadrilles, light leather slipper, etc.

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