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Club facility - Informations for newbees

At the Fun and Joy you can realize and experience your dreams and fantasies. Our club and club hotel should only be visited by couples that are open minded and tolerant concerning erotic experiences. But note that a visit to the club or hotel is no guarantee for erotic encounters with other couples. Everything is possible but there are no obligations! You create your own stay; we offer the fitting, sophisticated and erotic environment, a world you have always wanted to visit!

On your first visit we offer a welcome drink and introduce you to our world in a first pleasant talk in the bar area. After having been shown the hotel rooms or changing rooms each couple is informed about the club rules during a guided tour of the premises, they learn that here, everybody treats everyone with respect. Participation in any activities are never an obligation and all guests no, you can do everything or nothing! A no means no and will be accepted as such! All couples wish to fulfill their wishes and dreams, together in harmony or side by side in a sophisticated environment!

The style and ambience of the club is a perfect environment for our guests and a satisfying stay in our club, for partying or holidays. The mood and the exchange between couples are created by our guests themselves, no party evening resembles to another one. By respect, laughter and talking and an erotic atmosphere you have all the prerequisites for interesting, passionate and unforgettable hours.

Tolerant or swinger couples are couples from all social and age classes; they love each other and tolerate each other’s desires. They love and live the free development of their sexual personality and they live and experience erotic fantasies alone or together with likeminded people.

Swinging means modern sexual revolution and lifestyle integrating old values such as tolerance, honesty, openness, responsibility and respect of your partner, yourself and other couples.

Swinging can have many facets. In our club and club hotel you’ll meet couples that chose the alternative lifestyle to enrich their relationship. Some seek stimulation and retreat to the lockable couple’s rooms. Others contact other couples by open and pleasant conversation in a nice atmosphere and want to exchange tender touches, not necessarily partner exchange. A partner exchange or group sex might be wanted and can be found, but each couple decides for itself how far they want to go and will be accepted whatever their decision as real swinger couples treat each other with respect and do not force anyone to do anything.

Some couples love to show and see nice underwear; they like to observe and be observed in the various erotic rooms.

Already on their ride to the swinger club the couple lets go of the constraints of everyday life and status symbols and arrive at the club happy to find an atmosphere that is out of the ordinary and to experience something special.

Each couple visiting us has something in common, a desire to experience, to enjoy a free sexuality in another world. Erotic is ever present. An intact relationship of the partners accepting and tolerating each other’s personal freedom in a new dimension.

At the Fun and Joy our guests will find a pleasant, erotic, sensual time filled with passion that can lead to unrestrained sex! It’s up to you!

Enter our world of erotic- the FUN and JOY

Your team of Fun and Joy

Lifestyle and Adult Resort - for couples
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